Wanderer's to the Cabin

Friday, January 06, 2017

Another Sad Goodbye

Another December, another heartbreak. 

On December 28, 2016 my hubs and I lost our beloved fur baby Cody, he was 19 years old. 
The vet said she had never seen a German Shepard as old as he was.

He was a lover of peanut butter and would magically appear in the kitchen whenever he heard the jar lid being opened.

And unlike his momma he loved the snow and would drive me crazy with wanting to go outside every few minutes after being let in, just so he could walk around eating the snow or laying on the back porch watching it fall.

He was the protector of his family and his home. He would never let either one of us go outside alone even for something as small as taking out the trash. He always had to be there to follow and watch.

As you can see from every one of his pictures, he loved his bandannas and had quite the collection to choose from, and yes he would choose his own while I held out four different ones by putting his nose through the chosen one after looking at and touching each one. Such a smart boy.

This is his first picture and bandanna when we brought him home after adopting him from the local vet. He was 7 years old and saved from death row.

He was the love of our lives and will be loved and missed for the rest of ours.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Guess what I woke up to this morning, Come on, guess.
No it wasn't my hubs making me breakfast in bed.
It was this .....

 Our back yard.

And, our front yard. 

Yep, about four (4) craptastic inches of that fluffy white stuff. It's only supposed to be cold for today and tomorrow then the temps should go back up into the 60's and melt all this away.

Luckily I got our tomato plants covered with tarps yesterday and got all of my herb plants and hanging plants inside. 

We canned the last of our apples and pears two weeks ago so at least that got finished. We ended the season with 24 quarts of apple pie filling and 21 quarts of pears. Also re-canned a #10 can of sliced black olives making 17 half pints.

Just going to have to wait and see with the Roma tomatoes, they were started a bit late and planted in late June so we will most likely have to harvest the green tomatoes and let them ripen indoors. No saving seeds this year, but I have lots from last year that can I still use.

Well that's it for now, so until next time.

Take Care & Stay Safe
Hugs, Sandy

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pear Day

On Friday 08 Sept. 2016 we canned up some delicious pears.

5 quart jars of pears in light syrup.
Such yummy goodness that I can't eat. 
I'm allergic to them raw or cooked, I get hives.

That's all for this post, so until next time ....

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Apple Season Has Started

Our tart apples have started ripening and falling off the trees, so on Sunday the hubs got out the pole and picker basket and did a bit of harvesting. He ended up with a five gallon bucket worth that we used 3/4 of and came away with .....

Six (6) quart jars of Apple Pie filling. No store bought pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Just need to make or buy a crust and make Streusel topping. Soooo Yummy!!

We're also starting to build up a supply of pears as they start to ripen and fall, so canned pears are in the near future.

That's it for today, so until next time ....

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Off to the Bighorn Mountains

A week or so back we took off and headed to the much cooler climate of the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming for some rest and relaxation. 

We ended up in the Dead Swede Campground

It is named for the three grave sites that reside at the front part of the campground, two of unknown persons and the third of G.B. Henton who died Feb. 3, 1910.

It was an amazing campsite right on the creek with lots of trees and wildlife.

The hubs got to spend some time testing out his gold panning skills and actually found a tiny bit of very fine gold. This was about 30 steps down stream from our campsite.

We had this big guy across the creek from us on the first day and then right in our campsite on our fourth day.

I was kneeling right in front of the tree next to the chair keeping Monster from seeing the Moose and barking, the hubs was taking pictures about 7-10 feet from the Moose. Some idiot in a truck saw the moose and decided to follow it to take pictures and herded him right through the campsites.
With the rack on him he was about as tall as the roof rack on our lifted jeep which is over 6 ft. tall.

 It rained the second and third days there but was sunny and beautiful the first, fourth and fifth days. We headed home on the fifth day and stopped in Graybull, Wyoming at the A&W for Root-beer Floats and onion rings. 

That's it for this post, so until next time ....

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July 

Let us all remember those who have served and those who have died, so that we as Americans can celebrate our Independence.

Take Care Everyone &
have a safe 4th of July.

Hugs, Sandy